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Canonizing Local KDE Installation

(repeat request)

I have a locally installed (using Konstruct) KDE 3.4.3. Works 100% and all the 
things that Sid would remove now in a dist-upgrade to 3.4.2 work just fine 
with my 3.4.3 (Library path ldconfig'd). Sid's dependancy nightmare with all 
those "c2" libaries is not getting better so quickly. I can use the konstruct 
to get a new qt3 as well but the current/previous one from Sid works fine.

I would like to incorporate the 3.4.3 and have apt recognize it as providing 
what its "c2" stuff provides and be able to upgrade and not have it remove 
all the not yet upgraded kde-related packages. This would also enable the new 
jackd stuff to upgrade. Any way or must I locally install the kmail, 
konqueror, jackd, etc.?

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