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Re: printer trouble

On Tue, 25 Oct 2005 00:11:32 -0400
Mark Grieveson considered, crafted and sent:

>|---  Hello.  I am trying to set up an Epson Stylus Photo 890 at my
>|---  but thus far I've been unsuccessful.  I have installed cups, and 
>|---  gimp-print for the drivers.  I used the browser, with port 631
via the 
>|---  localhost, to set it up.  However, it won't print anything. 
>|---  sending it a test page, I wait.  Then, in checking out "completed
>|---  it states they were "cancelled".  Restarting the jobs causes it
>|---  complain about the "client server" (something like "client server
>|---  found", if my memory serves me correctly).  Note, the printer
itself is 
>|---  found on the USB port when setting it up.  Anyway, all ideas are 
>|---  appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
>|---  --Mark

You have to set it all up as root first, log in as root and go through
the printer configuration. Then print a test page, and then log in as
User, and it should work.

I had much the same problem with an Epson C43UX, but when I did
everything through the root GUI, and printed the test page, I could log
out of root and print with it as user. I did add the user into the
lpadmin permissions earlier


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