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re: OpenOffice.org 2.0

Alternatively, you could just download your favorite non-free
JDK (as long as it is Sun's) and OOo from their home page and install it
yourself from the upstream RPMs.


I did this, and it works quite well. But it took up a huge amount of space on my harddrive.


I doubt that the "unofficial" Debian distribution is any smaller. The OOo2.0 distribution takes ~284MB (OOo2.0 shipped with stripped executable files) compared to ~219MB for OOo1.1.5 (which was about the same for OOo1.1.4) plus the required jre weighing in at ~87MB. Remember 2.0 added a database engine to the mix. The openoffice website indicates that 2.0 will take 200MB disk space on linux - which was somewhat optimistic.

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