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Re: Gimp and transparency in GIF images

[KS] wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to create a gif image with a drop shadow which is 80% opaque
> with Gimp 2.2.8. When saving the image as gif it asks to convert it to
> an indexed image. The resulting image (gif) does not give me the
> transparency that a png gives. I noticed that earlier there was a need
> to download the gif plugin because of licensing. However, the Finnish
> server which hosted the plugin gives me a zip file containing a text
> file and it indicates that the plugin is not need now.
> Can somone point me how to make the gif image with transparencies?
> Thanks,
> /KS

All gif images must be an indexed image of 256 colors or less, that's
why Gimp is forcing you to index it.  Gif also cannot handle alpha
transparency (like png can).  A pixel must be  either 100% opaque or
100% transparent for gif.


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