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Re: getting vhosts to work with apache2 and sid?

Could you send us your httpd.conf?


Bruno Boettcher wrote:


i am stumbling across a very strange problem...

i installed apache2 and spip and there's no way to access the spip

i tryed to install myself other vhosts, and a part from the default
vhost all others are simply ignored....

i moved the NameVirtualHost *:80
directive just above the loading of the different vhost files
i added the 80 port
made sure that vhosts and all sites are enable (sing the a2ensites and
   a2enmod scripts) nothing does....

if i remove the default site, all oter vhosts are still ignored and the
server goes in a state where it redirects me to microsoft.com.... :(

what's going wrong???

should i file a bug report for this? or is it simply a dumb error of my
part somewhere (but then, default and spip should work, neh? )

 oh and another thing since i am at it....

 i set the servername to www.domain.com, and ServerAlias to domain.com
 if i go in with anything else than www.domain.com i get in my browser
a display of the ip of the machin instead of www.domain.com.... any way to solve this too?
 thanks in advance

Aurelien Ricard

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