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Re: guessnet problem


L.V.Gandhi a écrit :

> I have my /etc/network/interfaces as below.
> [...]
> iface home inet static
>        [...]
>        test1 peer address #mac 00:26:54:0E:8E:C0
>        [...]
> iface work inet static
>        [...]
> #       test3 peer address mac 00:50:8B:71:7E:D6 source
> #
>        test command $(arping -f
>        [...]

Maybe "arping -f" doesn't terminates with exit status 0. I imagine
"arping -q" would do it. Still, guessnet "test-peer" should be able to
find your host. Maybe with just "test peer" (not test3).

> but with rebooting or doing  /etc/init.d/networking restart
>  I don't get the static IP address of as in work stanza.
> I tried with both command and also peer test.
> Any idea to get the desired result will be appreciated.

Please run "ifup eth0" and provide us with the output. Does it says the
interface is already up/configured, or is guessnet complaining?

Daniel Déchelotte

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