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Software raid 5 performance tuning?


after a recent (data) lossy HD crash I decided to build a software raid
5 (3 disks)with Debian Sarge (2.6.13 Kernel) to keep that from
happening again :-)
Works pretty well but I am not really satsfied with the write
performance (via samba).
When uploading files via samba I get around 6 MB per second. Uploading
to a non-raid disk works at full 100Mbit network throughput (10 MB
The disks are current (S)ATA Maxtor 300 Gig, CPU is AMD 64 3000, 1 Gig
I have one ATA disk as master on each of the two onboard IDE channels
and the third SATA disk on one of my two SATA ports.
I used a chunk size of 64KB with no strides.

I already did some googling and found various threads on raid performance
but most of them where a few years old and did not really yield the
information I was looking for. 

So before having to experiment with all kind of settings I hope that
somebody does have any tips or tuning hints for me?
I think with current hard- and software I should at least be able to get
enough write performance to fill up my 100MBit network while uploading :-)

Thanks & best regards


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