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A question regarding the /etc/mailcap file.  The problem involves an app 
written with the wxWidgets libraries, that uses the mailcap file as a means 
of launching a web browser.  In this case, the app does nothing when the  
'launch a browser' button is clicked.  The author of the app has posted 
several things to look for in the /etc/mailcap file (text/html, text/*, etc) 
and while all those lines are present in mailcap (no ~/.mailcap file 
present), both the system generated update-mime version as well as being 
added in the user section manually, it seems to have no effect.  A RedHat 
user who was able to use the app successfully posted his mailcap file.  Using 
his copy, or cutting and pasting the pertinent lines, it still won't work on 
this Debian system, nor on Suse, Gentoo, and even a couple other RedHat 
machines.   I've tried with Debian using KDE, Gnome, Enlightenment, and twm 
as window managers on the suggestion that some window manages may circumvent 
the wxWidgets scheme using their own file associations or 'preferred app' 
methods instead.   There are no error messages generated by the app in 
question, and other than the browser issue, it works prefectly.  Aside from 
missing or incorrect entries in mailcap itself, what else could be causing 

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