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Re: shared Debian hosting

> David Christensen wrote:
>> Debian user list:
>> dking@pimpsoft.com wrote:
>>>You may want to check out http://www.Activewebhosting.com as they do
>>>very good debian based web hosting. I use them for all my sites/
>>>projects and I have not yet had any problems, plus the customer
>>>service is top notch.
>> Thanks for the tip.  I looked at their site, but didn't seem very much
>> in the
>> way of technical specifications.  I'm looking for a fairly hard-core
>> hosting
>> plan -- ssh access, CVS, full Perl/ CGI/ MySQL production environment,
>> etc..  It
>> would be nice if I could get this in a shared plan, but realistically
>> I'll
>> probably have to go to a VPS, rented server, or collocation.
> Depending on what you are looking for a VPS may be around the same
> price. I have heard good things about linode.com. They seem to be fairly
> cheap as well (considering that many website hosting plans are around
> the same price). Frankly for what you get on their cheapest plan
> combined with the capabilites of Linux VPS I very tempted to get one and
> I don't even really have a use for it :-)
> HTH,
> Brett

Take a look at dreamhost.com.  They have shell access, MySQL, PHP, etc. 
Sales and support questions are answered quickly and clearly.

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