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Re: ratio - Re: Debian Compatable UPS?

On Mon, 10 Oct 2005, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:

> > 	even at smartUPS 1000 or higher, its still pieces of junk
> That would give a infinite for a SmartUPS XL right now on my account
> (0 units replaced) ;-)


and we on the other hand have replaced say 20 out of 20 smart ups1000,
1100 in say 3 yrs

	- some folks like name brand .. it's their $$$$ down the drain
	and data loss ... which also has occurred there, but it will take
	time before the corporate boat can turn to use other options
	from companies-i(we)-never-heard-of ups

	- good or bad thing is that you can buy spare batteries for APC
	which may or may not be the case for other brands
		- is that a good or bad sign ??
		- other vendors do or don't have "battery" problems??

- trick question is what is the purpose of the ups
	- brown outs ?

	- surge surpressors ?

	- 5min or 30min or 1hr+ of uptime when the city has gone black
	  from the backhoe down the street  or the local power-utilities
	  employee pulling the wrong breakers

	- how good is the battery backup at the "data centers"

c ya

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