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Re: Novice : how to stretch wireless network?

My setup is as follows:

> Wide world.

connected to

> Router A
with settings including:
DNS server= various dns servers belonging to my telecommunications company

connected to:

(big pool of switches, wireless gear and cables)
with each machine on the LAN configured thus:
Gateway= Router A
DNS server = Router A

So.. there's a level of indirection in the DNS. You could do the same on your system:

Your LAN -->your linux machine-->neighbour's DNS server --> wide world

or you could have

Your LAN -->your linux machine-->wide world (just using your neighbour's machine as a gateway)

So from the DNS perspective there's no problem.

How are you going to allocate IP addresses on your and your neighbour's LAN?

Regards, Nother Newbieish bod.

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