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Re: Configuration error running su in unstable WORKAROUND

Howard Roberts wrote:

On Fri, 2005-10-07 at 11:03 +0100, Chris Lale wrote:
Howard Roberts wrote:

Today I did an apt-get update on my debian unstable system and began
experiencing the same problems you mentioned in the debian mailing list
with su.
I wondered if you've made any headway?



Hello Howard.

Thanks for your reply. I am keeping this on the list and cc-ing you.

I have just upgraded unstable again (Friday 7th October) and the problem persists. During the upgrade I noticed that the package 'eject' made the same complaint, even though I was already running as root (unknown items 'QUOTAS_ENAB', 'NOLOGIN_STR', 'ENV_HZ', 'PASS_MAX_LEN', 'CHFN_AUTH' and 'CLOSE_SESSIONS').

Perhaps these errors are not directly caused by su? Could they be items expected in the kernel? I am running kernel 2.6.8-2-386. I see that 2.6.12 is available in unstable. Which kernel are you running?

I am using 2.6.10-1-k7. However, after I mailed you I found a reference
to this problem elsewhere that implicated the login package. Right or
wrong, I edited /etc/login.defs and commented out all references to the
above variables and all seems well now.

Thanks Howard - it works for me too!

However, all these items exist quite happily in /etc/login.defs on my stable Sarge 3.1 system. I cannot see anything about this problem with the login package in the Debian bug tracking system. Where did you find the reference to the problem with the login package?


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