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Re: tightvnc, root, and debian

Antony Gelberg wrote:
Mauricio Tavares wrote:

Antony Gelberg wrote:

Mauricio Tavares wrote:

  I am trying to access a debian 3.1 box through vnc and run x as
root while there. But, I am not having much luck.  Here's what I am
doing: first I start vnc (using the tightvnc package):

Don't run X as root.

   How do you configure vmware then?

I don't.  But if I had an X app that needed root privileges, I'd use
sudo or su from a terminal.

I thought that was what I implied I was doing in my problem description: start vnc as user, login to machine through vnc, then su root, and run the Xapp. What I want is to then setup X so that it can only export to localhost or through a ssh tunnel. I would like to be able to run the vmware stuff through vnc so that I can leave it open as needed so i can monitor it whenever I need. I do setup vnc so that it only exports to localhost (i.e. I need to ssh to the machine first, forwarding the appropriate ports).

Does it make sense now? =)

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