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Re: compiling gcc

Craig M. Houck <chouck@binghamton.edu> wrote:
| Wh are you compiling gcc. 
| Why not simply load the debian (.deb) package for gcc?
| IFor that matter, I thinkg gcc is part of a standard SARGE install.
| Am I missing something here??
| At 03:55 PM 10/3/2005 +0200, mess-mate wrote:
| >Hi,
| >anyone compiled gcc without the 'pch' errors ?? (precompiled headers)
| >i'm on sarge and a make check fails for all 'FAIL: gcc.dg/pch/...'
| >What can i do to resolve it ?
| >Thanks in advance
| >
Have to compile for a LFS system ( linux from scratch) but there are
problems with the 'precompiled headers' pch who produce that FAIL
Disblaing pch on the ./configure don't change anything about it.

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