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Re: Via 8237: No sound output.

What exact error msg do you see? Which program is it? Did you try to use the alsaconf command? I have the same via chip working ok, the only command i used was alsaconf.

Babu wrote:

Dear All,
I am unable to get the onboard sound card output from my PC. I am using Sarge 3.1. Please reply and thanks in advance. Problem is the sound card is detected but when I try to get the output it gives an error stating that it will use /dev/null device to get the output. It give some errors regarding /dev/dsp0. My PC Config:
   1. Processor     :         AMD Athlon 2600+ (1917 MHz)
   2. Mainboard   :         Asus K7600SE with VIA VT 8237 Southbridge
      Controller Chip
   3. Snd Device  :         Onboard Sound device (AD1980)
   4. Kernel         :         2.6.8
5. Snd Module : via82xxx Thanks and Regards, Vinay Babu U.,
Team: Technical Support,
Comat Technologies (P) Ltd.,

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