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Re: upgrading to etch after installing sarge

On Thu, 29 Sep 2005 14:56:17 -0700
Andy Streich <andy@rushyglen.com> wrote:

> Thanks.  I've pinned udev.  Any hint on how to avoid this kind of thing in the 
> future with some other package upgrade?  I was using synaptic, added testing 
> to the repository after installing sarge, and then chose "Mark All Upgrades".  
> I thought that part of "debian way" of package management was preventing a 
> package being installed without its dependencies being present or at least 
> installed at the same time.  Or is this something peculiar to a kernel 
> dependency?  (Or do I just have the wrong conception of the whole scheme?)

The newer udev that requires the 2.6.12 or newer kernel doesn't have a
dependency on reflecting that, instead a check is done during start up
and if your kernel is not new enough udev is not started.

Mostly things should continue to work without udev. Looking at the
dependants in Synaptic I don't see any indication that would cause Gnome
to break when udev is not running so I suspect the Gnome issue may have
been unrelated(?).

Since this is a special case you are limited in ways to protect against
the situation. Running apt-listbugs may potentially have provided a

In defense of the maintainers a version of udev requiring the 2.6.12
kernel was introduced before a 2.6.12 kernel was available in the
repositories, because of that, because most things should continue to
work and because not everyone who compiles their own kernel uses kernel
package, I see some logic for handling things the way they were done.

Later, Seeker

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