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Re: how to start php

Clive Menzies wrote:
> On (02/10/05 01:48), Eric P wrote:
>>To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
>>From: Eric P <eric.maillist@gmail.com>
>>Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2005 01:48:47 -0500
>>Subject: how to start php
>>Hi all,
>>Php4 was up and running.  Then I tried out dotdeb's php5.  Decided to
>>switch back to php4, but now php4 doesn't start when I restart Apache or
>>even reboot.  I reinstalled php5, but no luck with that either now.
>>Currently, I have the following installed on testing:
> You seem to be missing php5 itself; php doesn't run as a daemon AFAIK,
> it processes scripts on demand.
Just installed the php5 package.

Restarted Apache... no php.  Then rebooted... no php.

Here's what the footer shows on a page on my local server.
Apache/2.0.54 (Debian GNU/Linux) mod_python/3.1.3 Python/2.3.5
mod_perl/1.999.21 Perl/v5.8.7 Server at localhost Port 80

I'm at a loss.

Eric P

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