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Trust and Understanding

Dear friend.
My name is David R.Brimley and I work with a Commercial Bank here in London-England.We had  a customer (Rama Amelie ) that had a deposit of 3.5M Three Million Five Hundred Thousand Pound Sterlings GBP) before he died in a plane crash with his wife and only Child about 4years now (January 30,2000) and since he died, we in the Bank here have been expecting his/her next of kin/relative(s) for the inheritance of the deposit, but none has surfaced.
 The policy of the Bank however stipulates a limited time period for such inheritance to be made or the fund will be written off going by the record of the incident, the time limit for the claim is closing up. In this consideration, I am contacting you to seek for your kind understanding and sincere co-operation to claim this iheritance for our mutual benefit in view of the fact that I have every documents to back it up.
If you can stand as the next of kin in this project, success is assured because I am in possession of the personal file jacket of the deceased which contains every needed information about the deceased  account, you and I stand no risk of any kind because I have enough information to support you in claiming the inheritance.
The proceedings of the transaction will be shared 50% each after expenses are reimbursed. Kindly indicate your willingness and we shall proceed with the initial step for the claim.The entire project is expected to last for about ten working days.If you are willing to work with me with trust and understanding then forward to me your full name and your personal Telephone number also your address if any.Try to reply me through my personal Email:  dbrimleyng@myway.com
Best Regards,
David R.Brimley

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