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Is there a problem with debian-user-digest?

I recently moved. Since I knew that I would not have time to read all of debian-user while packing and cleaning, and would be unable to check my mail frequently, if at all, for several weeks while moving, I unsubscribed from the digest. Now that I am situated and have a new ISP I tried to resubscribe. I sent in the subscribe request, received and replied to the "It has been requested..." notice, and received the "You have been subscribed" notice. But I did not receive any digests. After more than a day I unsubscribed and tried again, with the same results. I unsubscribed again and this time I subscribed to the NON-digest debian-user. That is working just fine.

So, is there a current problem with the digest?

Has Yahoo changed anything in the past few months that would block the digest (and its many attatchments)?

Could Verison (my new DSL provider) think that all of the attatchments are SPAM, or virii, and be silently dropping them?

If anyone has any info on this it would be appreciated.


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