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Re: ripping audio cd (sarge)

Andreas Janssen <andreas.janssen@bigfoot.com> writes:

> Robert Epprecht (<epprecht@solnet.ch>) wrote:
>> I want to rip my audio cd's and have the files renamed to the name of
>> the music title.

>> I'm not really clear, how it is supposed to work. Do I have to run
>> these programs as root? (wouldn't like the idea...).
> You need read access to the cdrom device files. If you don't use
> ide-scsi-Emulation (e.g. if your device files are /dev/hdx), make sure
> they belong to the cdrom group and that you are member of that group.
> If you use kernel 2.4 with ide-scsi emulation, make sure that /dev/sg*
> belongs to root.cdrom and has read/write access for the group. I think
> you also need these permissions if you want to write CDs without making
> the apps suid root.

This was very helpful information, thanks a lot.
I am running kernel 2.4.27-2-386 and do use ide-scsi-emulation.

I had to change change group and permissions on /dev/sg* and I had to
link /dev/cdrom to /dev/scd7 (don't know why it's number seven).

I hope this was the right thing to do, at least it's working now ;-)

Thanks to everybody who answered. With ripperX and grip I had two more
candidates to test, though I prefer console applications. So I concentrated
on 'abcde' and 'jack'.

I somehow prefered 'abcde' over 'jack' but unfortunately it did not rename
wav's (only encoded files) while jack did. But -hey!- this is free software,
so I made a trivial change to 'abcde' and now it does what I want...   :-)

Thanks a lot,

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