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Re: Debian 3.1 Sarge with IBM ServeRAID 7e problem

Hi John,

The same question was asked 7 days ago, you might find all replies in the
mail listing archive, did you try this ?

This was my reply:

Hi ...,

I dont fully remember how we did that (was 3 months ago). We used Red Hat
9 for the customer, but I am sure it works very similar for Debian Sarge.

As always your mileage may vary.


We extracted the driver (with the dd command) onto a floppy disc and
loaded it from the first Installation welcome screen with the "linux dd"
command line option.

I believe we also had problems finding it first at IBMs homepage (They
hide  it quite effectively ;-).

I actually have the floopy disc right in front of me with the drivers on
it. The readme says its for
Redhat Linux Advanced Server 2.1
Redhat Linux Advanced Server 3.0
SuSE Linux 9.0
United Linux 1.0

So I would be surprised if its not working on debian.

You might also be lucky at the Adaptecs website (where the scsi is made)
or at the Motherboards makers homepage (I believe that was Asus) to find
newer drivers.


I actually, started the machine with Knoppix and did have a look at the
hardware inside first (f.e lspci). We found that the brochure says Intel
E7210 while Knoppix showed us Intel 6300ESB. That was a bit confusing so
we googled for both chipsets and finbally found it on IBMs homepage I

I hope you find this useful.

Best regards

Nils Valentin
Tokyo / Japan


> I recently tried to install Debian 3.1 Sarge on a IBM
> Serve x206 with RAID 1 supported by it's ServeRAID 7e.
> I created a RAID 1 array with two SATA 80g hd. then
> put in debian DVD.
> Debian did find the SATA Harddisk, but it's two
> seperated disks. not the RAID 1 array I created.
> I tried kernel 2.6 but no improve.
> Also I tried to install debian on one of the hd first,
> then creat RAID 1 array by ServeRAID's own build
> method.
> it did mirrored the disks, but the raid doesnt work.
> (Debian still works only on the disks it's installed
> on)
> Is there anyway to solve this problem?
>                   Best Regard to you all.
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