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Re: Running a mixed system


Wu-Kung Sun (<sunwukung@gmail.com>) wrote:

> With the major changes in sid I'd like to know if running a mixed
> stable/unstable system is ok.

No, this will give you a lot of trouble. Ustable changes quite quickly,
and you will run unto dependency problems and incompatibilies if you
try to install unstable packages on your stable system. The change of
the C++ ABI (and the incompatibility of unstable C++ programs/libs to
stable C++ programs/libs) is just one example. You can maybe try to run
a mixed system running testing/unstable. If you need newer packages for
your stable system, either get backports for stable or switch

> I'm working iwth an install of sarge when it was frozen just before 
> going stable but I've got apt pinned to unstable. I don't normally 
> install much but lately trying to install latex and firefox 1.0.7 
> aptitude wants to restart kdm. I've made a mess doing lesser things so
> I'd like some feedback. If I go ahead with the install will my system 
> be borked? 

No proper security updates, dependency problems, incompatibilities and
the usual problems you get running unstable (changes in the format of
configuration files and behaviour of programs). Either try to remove
the unstable programs and downgrade to stable (could be difficult),
reinstall stable, or switch to unstable completely if you know how to
use it. If you want to use testing or unstable, install

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

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