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Re: I can not boot in single user mode without root password

On Tue, Sep 27, 2005 at 10:14:45PM +0800, rosetta wrote:
> Yes..But I didn't install the sudo.
> And I want to reset the root password without "rescure CD" or some
> else. Because the debian reference say single user mode can reset the
> password.

Hi Rosetta,

There is usually more than one way to accomplish a given task in Linux.

Have you forgot the root password?

Are you having trouble getting a login?

Did it go in single user mode itself when booting?

It seems unclear why you are in single user mode in the first place,
single user mode is 'normally' for fixing a broken system.

Usual way to reset password is with the passwd command.

Reproduction if desired may be handled locally. -- rfc3

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