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Re: gnome upgrade in testing

On Fri, 30 Sep 2005 02:15:04 -0400
Rick Pasotto <rick@niof.net> wrote:

> > If you're using testing you should expect this type of thing to
> > happen.
> No, I shouldn't. It makes no sense to upgrade the data for an
> application if the application itself is being removed.

It's not that uncommon over time for packages to get split or merged,
whatever makes sense relative to how it fits in the bigger picture.

In this case the change log shows:

control-center (1:2.10.1-4) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Don't overwrite DEB_CONFIGURE_SCRIPT_ENV completely.
  * 24_theme_dont_require_metacity.patch: make gnome-theme-manager work
    without metacity being installed (closes: #315730).
  * Use type-handling's Provides: feature to avoid hacking the control file.
  * Remove the capplets package, which doesn't have a purpose anymore. Move
    all package contents back to gnome-control-center.
  * Remove most Replaces: and Conflicts:, not useful anymore.
  * Standards-version is 3.6.2.

Later, Seeker

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