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Re: C++ Compilation

%% Byron Hillis <the.metric@gmail.com> writes:

  bh> I'm just trying to get a basic C++ program to compile, but I have
  bh> no idea what is going wrong.

It's very simple.

You're using the C compiler front-end to compile and link C++ code.
Don't do that.

You should use the C++ compiler front-end to compile and link C++ code
(especially link!)

  bh> ctkLogTest : ctkLog_test.o
  bh>         gcc -g -o ctkLogTest ctkLog_test.o

  bh> ctkLog_test.o : ctkLog_test.cpp
  bh>         gcc -g -c ctkLog_test.cpp

  bh> clean :
  bh>         rm ctkLog_test ctkLog_test.o

You should be using g++ for both of these commands.

In a makefile you really want to use variables, anyway.

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