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Re: ReiseFS vs XFS

On Mon, Sep 26, 2005 at 08:11:24AM -0700, Daniel Garcia wrote:
> Why is it interesting to have a different partition
> for / and for /home? I have never seen the point in a
> home
> computer. Isnt it more painful to have to calculate
> the size for each partition
> Thanks
> Daniel

Whe I upgraded one of my boxes from woody to sarge, I was happy I had
a separate /home.

What I did was make a copy of / (without /home) on another partition,
making sure both were bootable, and then upgraded the copy.  The
upgrade failed for reasons not really relevant here,
and I was still able to boo the original woody system.

Once I successfully upgraded (at least to the point where sarge would
run) I then had a period of parallel operation.  If something I relied
on didn't work in sarge, I could reboot to woody to get things working
while I meditated on a fix.

-- hendrik

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