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Re: vncserver

--- Steve Lamb <grey@dmiyu.org> wrote:

> Arthur H. Johnson II wrote:
> > I didn't see the inetd.conf line, but logins are
> probably being handled
> > through your preferred X Display Manager.
>     Not what I asked.  I asked how users can
> disconnect/reconnect not
> logout/log in.  One of the hallmarks of VNC is that
> you can discoonnect from
> your GUI and reconnect to it later even from a
> completely different machine.
> With VNC running from inetd I don't see a way for
> users to be able too specify
> a VNC session to reconnect to.  At that point unless
> you're working over a
> slow link it's just better to go with xdmcp and skip
> VNC completely.

We use it to connect from *Windows* desktops to our
linux terminal server. Yes, running this way means we
lose the disconnect/reconnect functionality. I guess
we could setup cygwin to do similar using xdmcp, but
VNC is working well and it's very simple.


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