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Re: ipw2200 compile problems + [seems solved]

Mike Hommey wrote:

On Sun, Sep 25, 2005 at 01:39:25PM +0200, Marco Calviani <mirtux@studenti.fisica.unifi.it> wrote:
Hi list,
i'm trying to compile the ipw2200 module (from Debian ipw2200-source version 1.0.6-6) using a vanilla kernel version. I've compiled and installed ieee80211 (from Debian ieee80211 version 1.0.3-3) correctly.

I'm having this error message during builing the ipw2200 module:

Did you re-extract the /usr/src/ipw2200-source.tar.gz file ? It is
likely that you didn't.
Try m-a clean ipw2200.

Hi Mike,
unfortunately i extracted the ipw2200-source, before trying to compile it....

But your procedure to try a module-assistant clean ipw2200 worked. After that i reinstalled with m-a and everything was well working!

Thanks again,

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