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Re: ipw2200 compile problems +

I think you have the ipw and ieee versions wrong. The versons that you
stated are the current sf versions, the debian versions are older.

When you make the ipw2200, make sure to point IEEE80211_INC to the correct

One other option that I suggest is to run the Andrew Morton patch on the
clean vanilla source. The Andrew Morton source tree from 2.6.12 and newer
include ieee80211 and ipw2200 in the source. Just download the 2.2
firmware and you will be set.


> On Sun, Sep 25, 2005 at 01:39:25PM +0200, Marco Calviani
> <mirtux@studenti.fisica.unifi.it> wrote:
>> Hi list,
>>  i'm trying to compile the ipw2200 module (from Debian ipw2200-source
>> version 1.0.6-6) using a vanilla kernel version.
>> I've compiled and installed ieee80211 (from Debian ieee80211 version
>> 1.0.3-3) correctly.
>> I'm having this error message during builing the ipw2200 module:
> <snip>
> Did you re-extract the /usr/src/ipw2200-source.tar.gz file ? It is
> likely that you didn't.
> Try m-a clean ipw2200.
> Mike
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