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Re: Odd install from floppy problem

On Sun, 25 Sep 2005, Carlos Correia wrote:

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> debian@lamie.net wrote:
> | Rewrite the root.img disk and be sure to format the disk properly before
> | writing it.
> |
> I've done that several times before I wrote the previous e-mail and
> didn't help...

what exactly did you do ??

did you use fdformat or superformat ??
	- if not, that is why your *.img files doesnt work

	- if you did.. try a different floppy ... preferrably
	a good floppy with zero defects, as dd will require
	a zero-defect floppy to write properly since there;s
	no fs to skip around an bad blocks

after those low level format, than you can do the 
	dd if=root.img of=/dev/fd0 data=sync

c ya

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