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console font

Hi there,
my default debian installation gives a console with 25 rows and a
huuuuuuuge font. I feed vga=ask as boot parameter and choose 80x43 and
get a viewable screen with squashed fonts. During the boot messages,
just after the nic is up and running, the fonts reconfigure and I'm
back to 25 rows again ;-( with a squashed font ;-((. I've checked
through the /etc/init.d/* scripts and can't see anything relevant that
could be doing this so I'm guessing it must be happening at the kernel
level. Don't want to go back to other distro's. Love the debian
package managment system but can't be doing with the huge font. Does
anyone know how I can resolve this problem? Do I need to configure a
text file? Influence modules that are loaded? All help greatly

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