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Re: NFS And Exportfs

Hal Vaughan wrote:
> While researching some possible quirks with files accessed through NFS, I 
> found a few web pages telling me what to do with exportfs.  The same pages 
> referenced doing "cat /etc/fs/nfs/exports" to see a list of exported 
> directories and their settings.

Hmm...  Interesting.  I have been using NFS for more than a decade and
have never heard of that file before.  I think it is somehow very
distro specific.

> I have an older system running Mandrake 8.x and it has exportfs and when I do 
> "cat /etc/fs/nfs/exports" I get a list of all the exported directories.  On 
> my newer system, which is Debian based (running Mepis, but soon to be 
> replaced with Sarge), there is no exportfs and no /etc/fs/nfs/exports.

Are you talking about /etc/exports?  The /etc/exports file is the
standard location on HPs, Suns, etc.  Your other location seems

  man exports

> When I do an "apt-cache search exportfs" I get no answers.

The 'exportfs' command is in the nfs-kernel-server package.  Did you
install that?

  apt-get install nfs-kernel-server

> I have not been able to find any useful info on exportfs, other than the man 
> page, that might clue me in as to why exportfs is not included in the NFS 
> version I'm using on Debian.  Is there a reason there is no exportfs in the 
> Debian package?

You probably did not install the nfs server.  Install it and you will
have the exportfs command.  Edit the /etc/exports and configure it for
your system.  Mine looks like this:

  / *(ro,sync)
  /home *(ro,sync)


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