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Re: Problem with eth{0,1,2} and modules

marc souaille wrote:
Hi all.
I have installed sarge on my AMD64. There is ethernet
interface on the motherboard (linked to eth0 by the
system) and I added an ethernet card (eth1). Then for
some reason, I exchanged the card
for another one, but the system still load the module
(eth1394) for
the old one (still assigned at the module level to
eth1) and also (hopefully) the module for the new card
(8139cp I guess). So I must set up the interface of
the new card to eth2, which is not really convenient.
How can I make 'understand' the system that the old
card really does not exists anymore ?


I think the eth1394 module is for LAN over firewire and not a legacy from your previous card. I compiled my own kernel and removed support for this feature as I didn't need it, but if you dont need it try adding the module to the hotplug and discover blacklists to prevent it loading automagically. Also ensure its not been added to /etc/modules at some point.



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