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Re: configuring muttrc

On Wednesday, 21.09.2005 at 10:23 -0400, Hendrik Boom wrote:

> The only things it has ever failed to do out-of-the-box for me are *
> identify which mailing lists I've subscribed to (so I can use L for
> rep,y-to-list)

I agree that by parsing the List-ID headers, Mutt should be able to do
that ... maybe one day it will :-)

>  *  figuring out the proper From: address for outgoing mail (I use
>  escape-F to fill in my from address.  (actually, this allows me to
>  choose pseudonyms easily.)

How can Mutt be expected to figure out your From address??  If it's not
related to your machine name/username, then how can it do that?

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