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Re: USB2 Video/TV capture?

Quothing Ron Johnson <ronnyjunior@comcast.net>:

> On Mon, 2005-09-19 at 23:28 -0500, Ephemeral root wrote:
> > Has anybody managed to get any brand of a video or TV
> > device connected via USB2 to work under Debian?  The
> > result I got on a Google search for "linux video usb2
> > capture" is a link to somebody's Linux
> > list.
> Video capture like from a TV/VCR, or DV from a
> camcorder?

I mean video capture from an external device with a built-in
tuner. Just like what an internal PCI TV tuner card does.
problem is that I plan to upgrade to a mini-PC that appears
not to have any expansion slots at all. So what I need is
an external TV tuner and capture device.

> Never gonna happen.  USB has too much latency to be
> more than a cheap hack (when regards to video). Firewire
> designed for this kind of streaming lots of data with very
> latency, so that's what people like the developer of kino
> using.

Well it appears to be happening to users of another OS:

> For stand-alone connect-the-TV-to-the-PC situations, the
> Hauppauge PVR-150 is what you are looking for.  They even
> mention Linux under 3rd Party Applications support.

Because of my location and my budget I'm limited to using
Chinese, Taiwanese or Korean solutions.

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