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Re: scp: file download history

On Mon, Sep 19, 2005 at 02:11:31AM -0700, Jared Hall wrote:
> Debian Users-
> I am trying to find a file which was uploaded to my server a couple of
> days ago over ssh using the scp command syntax.  I cannot remember the
> name of the file, or where it was placed.
> Is there any place I can look to see what files were uploaded to my
> computer via scp?
> Is there a command or log file which will show me all files which have
> been uploaded?

Maybe 'find'. You can give it time arguments, so you can find files
created/modified today, yesterday, or between two given dates (I think?). If
you know where in the tree it is, then it will take less time, but if you
don't know, well, 'find / ' is always an option.

This relies on the file having a useful timestamp (not a 10 years old file
transfered with 'scp -p', for instance).



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