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Re: exim4-light vs exim4-heavy

On Monday, 19.09.2005 at 23:40 -0700, Paul Johnson wrote:

> On Monday 19 September 2005 11:36 pm, Rakotomandimby Mihamina wrote:
> > Would someone know the différence between light and heavy for this
> > package?
> Light is for easy stuff that requires just the most common stuff,
> whereas heavy is a complete install of exim, as I understand it.
> > I have the light one installed, but want to do virtual hosting.
> You're probably in need of the heavy one.

You don't need the 'heavy' version for virtual hosting: it's what I use
and I'm using the 'light' version.

According to "apt-cache show exim4-daemon-heavy":

    "In addition to the features already supported by
    exim4-daemon-light, the extended features include LDAP, PostgreSQL
    and MySQL data lookups, SASL and SPA SMTP authentication, embedded
    Perl interpreter, and exiscan-acl for integration of virus-scanners
    and spamassassin."
So, if you want 'clever' authentication, use the 'heavy' version; also,
if you want to integrate virus- and spam-scanning directly into the MTA,
you'll need 'heavy'.  Note that you can always trigger, say, clamav and
spamassassin from procmail instead, still allowing you to use the
'light' version.

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