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Re: installing debian

Ian wrote:

First off, I don't recommend installing Debian to a USB drive, if that's what it is. Those may be substantially slower than and IDE drive.

If you do however decide to install to that drive, usually it will be recognized as /dev/sda if there are no other SCSI devices. I've also seen it shown as /dev/usb.



On 9/19/05, *steef* <steefvanduin@zonnet.nl <mailto:steefvanduin@zonnet.nl>> wrote:

    hi all,

    a friend of mine asked me to install debian_sarge on his machine: with
    the netinstaller; for the first time. he is getting fed up with xp. he
    has got an empty hd on a usb-port.
    my question: does the installer recognizes: sees this
    usb_harddisk? or
    is this something for the bios opf his machine?

    it confuses me. he told me knoppix (something different from sarge)
    could see it).



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thank you, Ian and Thomas. your remarks are highly appreciated. i'll go on with the net_installation of sarge on the machine of my friend to morrow-morning.


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