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Re: lightweight iconbox - SOLVED

On 9/19/05, Jochen Schulz <ml@well-adjusted.de> wrote:
> Ganeshram Iyer:
> >
> > i am using a very slow PC with Debian Sarge with low HD and RAM. Can
> > anyone suggest a lightweight iconbox that I can use with icewm-lite? i
> > currently use "rox -t=PANEL" which uses about 15MB of RAM. can
> > anything get lighter than this?
> What exactly is an iconbox? Do you know ~/.icewm/toolbar?
thanks for your comments. did not think far enough with icewm (instead
of icewm-lite). well that is exactly what i was looking for.

as for what i meant by iconbox (http://freshmeat.net/projects/iconbox/)

but your suggestion is a better option.
thanks again

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