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Re: installing debian

steef wrote:

hi all,

a friend of mine asked me to install debian_sarge on his machine: with the netinstaller; for the first time. he is getting fed up with xp.he has got an empty hd on a usb-port. my question: does the installer recognizes: sees this usb_harddisk? or is this something for the bios opf his machine?

it confuses me. he told me knoppix (something different from sarge) could see it).



just try it.
recognizing the hd during install is the installer's job, booting from/with it is the BIOS or grub's job. If you can sqash a /boot partition on an IDE drive, there should be no problems because then it would be the kernel's job, which should do it. you may have to install with 'linux26'

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