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Re: gview and viewing .gz text files

John Talbut wrote:
> Once upon a time I could view various types of file from Nautilus using
> gview.  Now it offers to open files using gview but comes up with an
> error when I try.  And gview does not seem to exist anywhere any more,
> not on my system nor in Debian.  What has happened to it and what has
> replaced it?
> What is the best Gnome viewer for .gz compressed text files?

I know this is not 'gnome viewer' (by which I understand you want a GUI
viewer in Gnome), but zless works just fine on a command prompt:
$> zless textfile.txt.gz

I guess if this can be made to run just by clicking on an icon of a text
gzipped file, it might be almost the exact thing you wanted.


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