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Re: postscript/ghostscript

If your printer understands postscript then it will work in Linux to some extent.

Check the printer manuals/specification to see if it does...

You may want to check/search google for the "Linux Printing Howto"


On 9/18/05, linux <linux@highlinewebhosting.com> wrote:
hello all
i have a mac and am sick of mac osx
i can't buy a new machine but i can move over to linux
i would like to install debian (ppc)

my problem is, i don't know if my printer/scanner will work
its a canon pixma MP-130 multifunction
i can't find it in any of the compatibility lists but i've read a bit
about postscript/ghostscript
and was wondering if the printer might be supported by these
i don't know enough about postscript/ghostscript to be sure about the
let alone how i would set the printer up once linux is installed

if my printer will not work with linux i will stick with mac osx
its cheaper to purchase the latest version of osx than it is to replace
my printer with a linux compatible one

any suggestions or comments?
any help greatly appreciated

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