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Automatically maintaining permissions on specific directories


Is there any way to enforce the permissions on a specific directory so 
that everything that is in it will always have the correct permissions?

I know a simple cron job can do the job but I have fucked up more file and 
directory permissions than wanted on more than one occasion this way. And 
also, it would be nice to know that any files moved to a certain 
directory (like public_html) will get the correct permissions instantly 
without having to issue a chmod command or wait for the cron job to 

I used to have a partition with the FAT32 filesystems, which allows you to 
set global values for user id, group id and permissions (with uid, gid, 
umask, dmask and fmask). Then, all files moved to this filesystem would 
get the specified permissions automatically. A while ago I switched to 
XFS because I needed to be able to have files larger than 2 Gb, and XFS 
doesn't have these features.

Best regards

Olle Eriksson
mail@olle-eriksson.com | http://www.olle-eriksson.com

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