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Installing Sarge 31r0a on Compaq Presario 2500

I am trying to install Sarge on Compaq Presario 2500 that has a
built in Firewire card.

The hardware detection part of the installation hangs at 5% with the
following message:

---- Detecting hardware to find CD-ROM drives --------
Loading module 'ohci1394' for 'Texas Instruments TSB43AB21
IEEE-1394a-2000 Controller'...

I tried to run it with both

          boot: linux  nofirewire


          boot: linux debian-installer/probe/firewire=false

with the same (lack of) results.

Earlier I could instal Libranet on this machine I think out of the box
but now I'd like to do a clean Debian installation.

What to do now ?


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