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Re: minicom display problems

In article <[🔎] 432A2BB4.2070600@ix.netcom.com>,
Marty  <martyb@ix.netcom.com> wrote:
>Is there any way to get minicom to properly display the color graphics
>of an ncurses app like iptraf?  I am using the multi GNOME terminal as my
>X terminal, but xterm seems to have the same problems.
>So far I've tried:
>-setting the minicom terminal type to ANSI
>-setting the remote shell TERM type to xterm (it starts up as VT100)
>-turning the minicom color on using the "-c on" option

minicom -c on should start minicom in color. If ctrla-z shows the
command summary in color, minicom supports color.

Then you need the right terminal type on the remote system to
tell its apps to use ansi-color. Try TERM=xterm-color or TERM=linux

>Another, possibly unrelated issue, is that iptraf and other programs
>like top or man which output to the entire terminal screen, only use
>a small portion of the available X terminal screen area (about 23
>lines of text) regardless of how large I make the X terminal window.
>Man even puts pages of text on different areas of the X terminal and
>is nearly useless.  My current workaround is to use a tiny X terminal
>window with these programs, but ncurses graphics is still a problem.

That is because the remote system doesn't know about the terminal
size and there is no way for the windowing system to relay that information
through minicom to the remote system on the other side of the
serial connection.

So you have to change that manually. Use "stty rows 40 columns 120"
on the remote system, or run "resize" if that command is installed.
(See "man stty", "man resize").

[I notice that resize on my Linux box doesn't set the tty properties
 but prints out COLUMNS= / LINES= .. how 1980's ..]


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