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Re: I got random freeze in my KDE......

yasker wrote:
It is the completely FREEZE. The mouse point can't move. Any key
include num lock response none. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace and Ctrl-Alt-Fx
can't work too. I have no choice except press the reset button.
I got AC97(intel 810 or 810E, I can't remember.....), and install this
version(Debian Sarge, kernel 2.6.8-2-386, KDE3.3, get alsa by apt.
arts is forbidden) not long ago. And this kind of thing happened
 I remember the first time I opened xmms and a chm viewer. Then I
thought it might be alsa's error. So I opened xmms, minutes later, it
was frozen. Then I followed alsa's introduction on intel 8x0,
customize my configuration(/etc/modutils/alsa-base& /etc/asound.conf
and run update-modules).
It was nothing happened yesterday, so I thought that's all right. But
today, it happened again. I don't know what's wrong completely.
The situation of freeze is very serious, and I think debian should be
very strong.....(because of reset, I got few times can't boot the

Thanks for replying.

Try disabling sound in your bios.  Do a memtest86.

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