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Re: Problem whith fluxbox

Álvaro Eixea wrote:
> Hello everybody:

¡Qué tal, Álvaro!

> I instaled the new version of Debian called Woody

Woody is old, man!

> and when I try to install my window manager, fluxbox

Aha!, the problem is this: Fluxbox :^)

> the fonts on the menus and on the windows title bar
> appears "smoothy", don´t look wheel and I can´t read
> It.
> I take a look to the styles files but the font path
> are the same for all of them.
> The same styles work´s OK with blackbox. With blackbox
> I have no problems but dont support keyboard
> shortcuts.
> What happend? I don´t understand?
> Thaks for help and sorry if my english is not correct,
> I´m spanish. See us.

Otro hispanohablante aquí. ¿De dónde eres?. Yo de Donosti.

I can't really give you a solution, but I would first try Sarge (if you
want Debian Stable), and see if the problem persists...


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