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Can't login when using kdm (KDE) -- Part 2

Debian / Sarge / main

This is continuation of the following thread:

I did some research and it appears that when logging in using KDM the following happens:
1) /etc/X11/Xsession runs fine until exit 0
2) ~/.xsession-errors file contains only one line
$ cat .xsession-errors
Xsession: X session started for luser at Fri Sep 16 00:59:09 EDT 2005
3) KDM login process never seems to get to /usr/bin/startkde (the following echo never prints anything )
# because we still need to do some cleanup.
echo '-------------------------------- 1' 1>&2
trap 'echo GOT SIGHUP' HUP

4) ~/.Xauthority file has the length of 0 bytes after a failed login.

5) $ cat .xinitrc
exec /usr/bin/startkde

If I quit KDM by selecting console login from the menu, then login as myself (a regular local user) from the regular console, I can start KDE with "startx". KDE starts and works fine.

Any ideas? Thanks 

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