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Re: Gnome 2.10 going in to etch today

On 9/15/05, Byron Hillis <the.metric@gmail.com> wrote:
> Therefore if you install g-d-e and it pulls in everything for your GNOME
> desktop environment, then ALL the packages that it does pull in will be
> marked as Automatic. Therefore, if through a dependency problem, i.e.
> sound-juicer, the g-d-e cannot be properly upgraded, then if you
> remove g-d-e, all the GNOME desktop will be removed because
> aptitude thinks that they were only installed to satisfy the dependency.
> Thus you get a mess.

I'm not sure if that's unique to Aptitude.  I use Synaptic most of the
time, and sometimes apt-get directly when Synaptic won't let me force
more than one package at a time to come from unstable.  But I still
can't upgrade to GNOME 2.10 (all of it; I have some parts of it from
2.10) because of sound-juicer.  *sigh*

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