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Re: utility for temperature

On 9/8/05, James Vahn <jvahn@short.circuit.com> wrote:
> In article <[🔎] 4bcde3e1050907015464cf1086@mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
> > Hello
> > actually i take control of proc temperature via the following command
> >
> > :~$ cat  /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THM/temperature
> >
> > but i'd like to ask if there exists some X utility to do this in KDE,
> > by some other program which uses that command or something similar...

i tried to launch ksensors but i get only a blank window of this
application with nothing inside and moreover i receive the following
~:$ ksensors
KSensors error: sensors_init fail, error code -4

but man page of ksensors does not help me so much, do you know
anything more to solve the issue??

thank u
debian sarge, kernel 2.6.8

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